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3rd Internal Medicine - Oncology Clinic

The 3rd Department of Medical Oncology is staffed by specialized physicians who provide comprehensive care and support to the oncology patient. Our team consists of 3 Oncologists who have studied abroad and have extensive clinical experience, in addition to two Internists. This primary team is also assisted by one junior doctor, three nurses, and administrative staff who contribute to the care of our patients.

Historically, our group was founded by Dr. Dennis V. Razis and became the first private Oncology Department in Greece. The group was taken over in the last few years by his daughter, Dr. Evangelia Razis, who continues the founder’s pioneering activity until today.

The aim of our group is to offer modern diagnostic and therapeutic medical services, and continuous comprehensive support for oncology patients and their families.

Our doctors dedicate much of their time to remaining current with the latest trends and are actively involved in various research programs and clinical studies, thus giving our patients access to innovative treatments. They also have an active presence at many conferences and publications in international high impact factor journals. Additionally, our doctors collaborate with prominent international centers and can arrange a mail review of a patient’s record when necessary.

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