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Radiation Oncology Centre

Radiation Oncology Centre

  • Radiation Oncology Centre
  • Radiation Oncology Centre
The HYGEIA Hospital Radiation Oncology Centre is the most modern and fully equipped center in Greece and one of the best in Europe.

The HYGEIA Hospital Radiation Oncology Centre is a Centre of Excellence for Stereotactic Radiotherapy/Radiosurgery according to the International Radiosurgery Association.

A Reference Site for Radiation Oncology: Centre of Excellence for Stereotactic Radiotherapy and Radiosurgery. Based on wide experience and international acclaim, Hygeia’s Centre of Radiation Oncology and Medical Physics department have been selected by Elekta as a Reference Site and one of the five pilot centres in Europe that collaborate with Elekta’s Research & Development in order to improve and test new treatment planning software.

The Radiation Oncology Centre is the most modern and fully equipped center in Greece and one of the best in Europe. State-of-the-art technology, combined with vast experience on the latest radiotherapy techniques (IMRT, VMAT, IGRT, SRT/SRS) - first implemented by HYGEIA Hospital in Greece - ensure safe and accurate radiation therapy for patients.

HYGEIA Hospital has been accredited by the Joint Commission International (JCI). The quality and safety of every patient treatment is guaranteed through a series of procedures that do not allow treatment delivery unless special checks have been performed. All quality control procedures are implemented through the latest Mosaiq 2.62 patient management system and are electronically recorded. All patient related procedures are included in the patient’s electronic medical record.

HYGEIA's Radiation Oncology Centre also has a specialized team for pediatric radiotherapy. The center treats the majority of pediatric cases in Greece using the latest techniques for pediatric cancer treatment.


The radiation therapy techniques used are:

3D Conformal Radiotherapy conforms radiation to the area that the Radiation Oncologist had determined (target) while keeping the dose to the surrounding tissues as low as reasonably achievable. It uses multiple beams of uniform intensity that conform to the target. 

Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy is an advanced type of 3D conformal radiotherapy that uses multiple beams that conform to the target of non-uniform intensity. This allows high conformance of dose around the target while the dose to organs at risk is lower and the side effects are less. This technique allows higher doses to be delivered to the target and improves disease local control. 

Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy (VMAT) is a state of the art radiation therapy. It’s a novel form of IMRT that allows dose to be delivered in a single 360 degrees rotation. It is a high precision technique that highly conforms dose around the target. It allows higher dose of radiation to be delivered improving in that way the disease local control. The sourounding healthy tissues are spared and the possibility of side effects is minimized.  HYGEIA’s Radiation Oncology Centre was the first centre in Greece that implemented this method (since 2009).

High dose radiation therapy is delivered by state of the art linear accelarator that uses high dose rate to maximise the advantages of the latest radiation therapy techniqes (IMRT/VMAT) achieving accurate treatment delivery in very short time. HYGEIA’s Radiation Oncology Centre was the first centre in Greece that implemented this method (since 2015).

Image Guided Radiation Therapy refers to the use of patient imaging in the treatment room, just before radiation starts, to ensure accurate dose delivery to the target. Cone beam CT is the most advanced technique. Patient posiotioning is guided by 3D images obtained by an on board CT imager just before the treatment starts. Patient CT images are obtained on the treatment machine and compared to the CT images used for treatment planning. Sophisticated software calculates the differences and corrects on - line the position of the treatment couch. IGRT ensures highest precision of dose delivery. HYGEIAs Radiation Oncology Centre was the first centre in Greece that implemented this method (since 2007).

Stereotactic Radiotherapy - Radiosurgery is a specialized technique, that utilizes highly targeted radiation beams under image guidance for the treatment of small lesions anywhere within the patient.
Unlike conventional fractionated radiotherapeutic techniques, stereotactic radiotherapy deliveres very high dose in a single fraction (called stereotactic radiosurgery) or few (1-10) number of fraction (called stereotactic radiotherapy). HYGEIA’s Radiation Oncology Center performs a wide range of stereotactic applications to target tumors throughout the body using specialized linear accelerators incorporating highly accurate robotic systems (since 2007).

In the last few years, breast cancer survival rates have been steadily increasing, so it is necessary to protect the neighboring organs and avoid indirect side effects in the future. A large percentage of women also undergo chemotherapy, depending on the stage of the disease. Chemotherapy may place a further burden on healthy tissues, such as the heart and lungs, so the side effects may be more intense if followed by radiotherapy. Therefore, it is extremely important to protect the heart and lungs during radiotherapy, limiting subsequent side effects.

HYGEIA Hospital has become the only hospital in Greece to perform left breast radiotherapy using the Active Breathing CoordinatorTM (ABC) system by Elekta. Through this system, the radiation is delivered during a specific breathing phase, protecting the heart and lungs.

The radiotherapy is administered during the inhalation phase, which is when the distance between the heart and the mammary gland is the largest, while the radiation dose to the heart and lungs is reduced.Combined with the only Elekta VERSA HDΤΜ linear accelerator installed in Greece capable of administering high FFF dose rate, this method ensures fast and safe radiotherapy for patients, using the advanced ΙMRT/VMAT techniques. The accuracy of the treatment is also ensured with the IGRT technique, i.e. using low-dose CT to pinpoint the correct position of the patient.

The ABC technique may also be used to treat lesions in the lungs and liver, as well as other moving tumors – due to respiratory function – ensuring maximum accuracy during radiation.

Brachyterhapy is a radiotherapy technique that uses radioctive sources placed in body cavities, in tissue or close to the target in order to deliver very high dose to the target while minimizing the dose to the sourrounding tissues. High Dose Rate (HDR) Brachytherapy uses high activity sources and allows quick irradiation of the tumor volume. Brachytherapy is used to treat cervical cancer, breast cancer, esophagus cancer etc. Sometimes brachytherapy is combined with external beam radiotherapy.  HYGEIA’s Radiation Oncology Center was the first centre in Greece that implemented this method (since 1993) and performs a wide range of brachyterapy applications including image quided interstitioal brachytherapy techniques. to target tumors throughout the body using specialized linear accelerators incorporating highly accurate robotic systems (since 2007).


Accuracy – safety – patient management

  • All linear accelerators are equiped with on board imaging (IGRT) and allow patient imaging on the treatment couch in order to ensure accurate irradiation of the tumor – target.
  • All treatment plans are verified prior to treatment start using the latest 4D verification system Compass IBA (the only one in Greece) ensuring accurate and safe treatment delivery.
  • A full electronic medical record is used that includes patient demographic data, patient history, treatment details as well as everyday treatment data ensuring safe patient panagement and follow up.

The centre is equiped:
  • Elekta Versa HDTM linear accelerator with Flattening Filter Free Technique (FFF) – the only one in Greece
    Equipped with sophisticated conformal beam-shaping technology and High Dose rate mode delivery, Versa HD is designed to provide the precision and speed necessary to deliver IMRT/VMAT as ell as advanced stereotactic radiotherapy (SRT) and stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS), techniques that demand the maximum accuracy in tumor targeting and protection of critical structures.

  • Elekta Synergy AgilityTM linear accelerator – the only one in Greece 
    Agility is designed to meet the needs of modern radiotherapy. Agility offers excellent clinical flexibility and efficiency, while ensuring that patient safety and comfort.

  • Elekta AxesseTM linear accelerator with spectial couch for stereotactic techniques – the only one in Greece
    Elekta Axesse™ is a system optimized for and exceeding the exacting clinical demands of frameless stereotactic radiosurgery and radiation therapy, at the same time ensuring maximum patient throughput.

  • Elekta Microselectron HDR
    The microSelectron automated, digital remote afterloading platform is a field-proven, reliable system for multiple brachytherapy applications – from simple to complex treatments.

  • Gamma Knife – the only one in Greece
    Leksell Gamma Knife® Perfexion™ offers extreme accuracy (0.15mm), efficiency and outstanding therapeutic response. Today, cranial radiosurgery with Perfexion is performed in hundreds of leading hospitals and clinics around the world.

  • Latest treatment planning systems Monaco 5.1, Oncentra, γ-plan, VariSeed
    Monaco delivers high performance and high precision radiotherapy treatment planning for all major treatment techniques for photon and electron based plans. By combining the superior accuracy of Monte Carlo and Collapsed Cone algorithms with the richness of advanced optimization tools in a modern, intuitive user workspace, Monaco delivers highly accurate 3D, IMRT, VMAT and SRS plans.
    Oncentra Brachy optimizes treatment plan accuracy, providing easy navigation to any plane that offers the most relevant information per region of interest. Powerful inverse planning optimization automates volume-based planning, making the process fast and efficient.
    Gamma Plan is the dedicated planning software for Leksell Gamma Knife Perfexion enables optimal clinical performance, in terms of speed, planning, ease, targeting accuracy and re-treatment.
    VariSeed™ LDR Treatment Planning System supports all common planning protocols including real time, pre-operative, intra-operative, and post-operative. 
  • Mosaiq Patient Care Management System
    Mosaiq Care Management software allows efficient management of all aspects of the centre’s radiation oncology program. All patient information is collected and accessible, from diagnosis through treatment and follow-up, so all involved personnel can deliver the best possible care for every patient.

Your guide to Radiation Therapy 
Τhis guide is written for patients who are about to get or is now getting radiation therapy for cancer and covers:

  • Questions and answers about radiation therapy
  • Questions and answers about external beam radiotherapy
  • Questions and answers about brachytherapy
  • Information about the radiation therapy team
  • Questions and answers about possible side effects due to radiotherapy and ways to manage them
  • Useful advices during radiotherapy
  • Questions to ask your radiation oncologist


Guide to Radiation Therapy for children and their parents 
Τhis guide has been written for children and their parents who are about to get or are now getting radiation therapy and covers:

  • Questions and answers about radiation therapy
  • Information about the radiation therapy team
  • Questions and answers about possible side effects due to radiotherapy and how to manage them
  • Useful advices during radiotherapy
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