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Home Care

  • Home Care

Home care nursing is broadly popular in Europe and USA, as it provides patients the opportunity to enjoy healthcare services at a home-like and comfortable environment. 

The provision of quality home care nursing services contributes considerably to patient treatment; home care nursing support patients and their family psychologically, and improves noticeably their quality of life.

HYGEIA’s Home Care Nursing Department offers high standard nursing services to any person across Attica’s wider area. Its experienced and specially trained administrative, nursing and paramedical personnel provide solutions to anyone who needs support and follow-up at home.

Home Care Nursing Department applies to:

  • Every patient after discharge from hospital who needs therapy continued at home 
  • Individuals - Patients with chronic conditions 
  • Individuals who do not wish or cannot be moved from their homes 
  • Individuals with special needs 
  • Elderly patients 
  • Pregnant women 
  • Women under in vitro fertilisation program
The Home Care Department has:
  • Specially trained and experienced personnel 
  • Many years of experience in the provision of nursing services at home 
  • Call center (1051) for immediate attendance of patients 
  • Patient electronic files for continuous and complete doctor update
  • Quality control system of the provided services

Home care nursing is a discreet and comfortable choice; such nursing services improve considerably the patient’s spirit, facilitate his/her recovery, reduce the risk of inter-hospital infections, reduce time-consuming transfers and are encouraging participation and support from family members.

Attending physicians can observe patients after hospital discharge, with continuous checks and immediate updates on their progress from experienced personnel.

Home Care Nursing Department provides a wide spectrum of services, after consultation with the attending physician, and offers nursing services at home.

Provided services:

  • Blood sample collection and transportation
  • Urine or other biological fluid collection & transportation of samples
  • Patient follow-up & recording of vital signs (blood pressure, heart rate, temperature, breathing rate, oxymetry, blood sugar measurement)
  • Subcutaneous drug administration
  • Intramuscular drug administration
  • Administration of inhalable drugs via dispenser
  • Administration of oxygen via nasal catheter or mask
  • Stoma care and education (tracheostomy, ureterostomy, gastrostomy, jununostomy, colostomy)
  • Suction of tracheobronchial discharges
  • Taking care and dressing of wounds
  • Caring for and preventing of pressure ulcers
  • Enemas (cathartic, therapeutic)
  • Catheterization of urinary bladder
  • Taking care of burns
  • Parenteral feeding
  • Nutritional support and education 
  • Personal care
  • Patient education, on occasion
  • ECG Rhythm Holter (24hour ECG recording)
  • Blood Pressure Holter (24hour blood pressure recording)
  • Home X-ray (delivery within 24 hours)
  • ECG at home
  • Physiotherapy at home
  • Echo at home

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Kotsiopoulou Christina

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