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  • Check-Up

HYGEIA’s Check-Up Department, performs consolidated prosymptomatic check-up which is completed in approximately 3 hours. All medical departments are located in the same area; there is complete organization-coordination so that patients do not have to wait long in between tests.  Thus, Check-up results are given to the interested party or his/her doctor within three (3) days along with a medical report on the patient’s health state and, if needed, specific instructions.

HYGEIA Hospital's Check-Up Dept.,  is superior as far as preventive check-ups performed in a special Department with utmost experience (the first of its kind in our country), in modern premises and equipped with the latest technology. Its specialized personnel treats you with a friendly attitude and offers high quality services. Meanwhile, the HYGEIA Central Labs have been certified to ISO 15189 by the Hellenic Accreditation System (ESYD).

Comprehensive check-ups are performed in the contemporary and updated facilities of the Check-Up Department within 3 hours. All the medical departments are concentrated in the same area, which ensures absolute coordination and programming, and minimizes waiting time between tests. The Check-up results are available in 3 days, along with a medical report on the patient’s physical condition by a specialized internist. Specific instructions may also be included in the report where necessary.

HYGEIA Hospital holds a competitive edge, as this was the first such department to operate in Greece, accumulating vast experience in the medical check-up field. The Department stands out for its comfortable amenities, as well as the friendly and quality services offered by the medical, nursing and administrative staff. It is also affiliated with the American College of Pathology in the field of periodic check-ups.

Check-ups Also Available on Saturdays at HYGEIA

Focusing on offering continuous and quality healthcare services to patients, and especially people with work and business commitments who are unable to take days off, the Check-Up Department has extended its working hours to Saturday. Check-ups are offered by appointment, while free on-site parking is also available.

The aim is to meet the growing needs of patients by providing more flexible opening hours in one of the most significant departments within HYGEIA Hospital.

  • Cardiograms 

  • Postoperative testing for Inpatients

  • Holter monitor placement, analysis and recording of Holter readings and arterial blood pressure for inpatients and outpatients

  • Stress tests for inpatients and outpatients

  • Blood collection

  • Audiometry and tympanometry testing

  • Pap smears

  • Nursing care and transfer of patients to other hospital departments

  • Physical, Cardiac, Ophthalmological, Gynecological and Orthopedic exams

  • Mammograms

  • Postoperative X-rays – Panoramic dental X-rays

There are 2 basic types of check-up.

It includes:

  • Chest X ray (one view)
  • Respiratory function test (spirometry)
  • Electrocardiogram (EKG)
  • Physical exam - Final medical report with instructions
  • Heart exam (incudes blood pressure measurement)
  • Eye exam (incudes visual acuity, color blindness, fundoscopy and intraocular pressure)
  • Hearing test (audiometry)
  • Complete blood count (CBC)
  • Urinalysis (U/A)
  • Erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR)
  • Blood chemistry panel (calcium, phosphorus, blood glucose, uric acid, creatinine, SGOT (AST), SGPT (ALT) [transaminases], GGT, total protein, albumin, alcaline phosphatase, iron)
  • Lipid profile (total cholesterol, HDL, LDL, total lipids, triglycerides)
  • Weight, Height
  • PSA (over 40 years)

It includes all the tests of the Full Check-Up for men and also:

  • Clinical Breast exam
  • Pap-test
  • Breast U/S (under 40 years)
  • Digital mammogram (over 40 years)

Aside from the tests included in these basic packages, it is possible to have some more tests, if the patient wishes to, or his/her physician recommends so, based on the patient’s age, heredity or symptoms.

Patients undergoing a full Check-up are charged lower prices for some more tests e.g. fatigue test abdominal ultrasound etc. provided that they are executed at the same time as the full Check-up.

The examination cost, in the form of packages, is lowered to 1/4 - 1/5 of the cost of isolated tests, while in the case of companies, bank employees, prices are even lower.

Drosoula Maragaki

4th floor

+30 210 686 7340