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Robotic Surgery

  • Robotic Surgery

Latest Generation da Vinci Xi Robotic Surgical System at HYGEIA, which updated yet again the quality services it provides to its patients with the upgrade of its robotic surgical systems. A latest generation da Vinci Xi system has just been installed in the operating rooms.  

The da Vinci Xi robotic system is the most advanced technology in medical robotic systems. The da Vinci Xi ensures the smallest possible incision, with added benefits for the patient, such as minimal postoperative pain and complications, significantly shorter hospitalization, faster recovery and a perfect aesthetic result.

It uses high-definition (HD) 3D imaging so surgeons may perform procedures with extreme accuracy, efficiency and flexibility. It is composed of specially designed components that allow fine movements by the surgeon in the operative field.

Through the robotic surgery system, all procedures are performed remotely with the least possible intervention in the patient’s body. The da Vinci Xi system is equipped with the Insite Vision system that provides real 3D images, a special console, a visualization tower, as well as special endoscopic tools. It offers the highest possible definition of the surgical field (crystal clear), while the arms are smaller and thinner, providing greater range from the previous model. This offers surgeons the possibility of performing even more minimally invasive complex surgical procedures with even greater safety.

In addition, it is equipped with vessel identification technology (intraoperative navigation system), with the aim of facilitating the surgeons.

The da Vinci Xi is an important tool that assists surgeons and creates the necessary conditions for painless procedures. It has been approved by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA, USA) and is the first and only robotic surgical system worldwide to perform the entire range of laparoscopic procedures, as well as a large number of conventional surgeries.

Press Releases:

2017 / Latest Generation da Vinci Xi Robotic Surgical System at HYGEIA 

2012 / Vertical Partial Laryngectomy using the Da Vinci S robotic system

2012 / Partial nephrectomy using the Da Vinci robotic system

2011 / The First Robotic-Assisted Thoracic Surgery in Greece with the use of the da Vinci S 

2009 / Staging of uterine cancer through robotic surgery for the first time in Greece

2009 / Fibromyomas were efficiently removed with da Vinci

2009 / The first in Greece and in Europe, Robotic Thyroidectomy 

2008 / First mitral valve operations in Greece with Da Vinci S

2008 / The future of urology rests on robotic surgery 

2008 / The first total hysterectomy in Greece with Da Vinci 

2008 / The first bypass operation in Greece with da Vinci S

2008 / The first obesity operation in Greece with the Robotic Surgical System Da Vinci S

2007 / At HYGEIA hospital the unique in Greece latest generation da Vinci S Robotic Surgery System

How is a da Vinci Xi procedure performed
The da Vinci® S robotic system allows surgeons to perform surgical procedures remotely, without coming into contact with the patient. It offers the flexibility of open surgery, but at the same time ensures success and multiple benefits both for the patient and the surgeon.

The surgeon sits at a special console within the operating room and remotely controls the instruments, which have been inserted in the patient’s body through incisions measuring just a few millimeters.

Then, viewing a 3D image on the console, the surgeon moves the manipulator arms, each of which is connected to a surgical tool, using special controls.

The da Vinci Xi 3D vision system (crystal clear) offers up to 15x magnification of the operative field for very precise, stable and fine movements.

The da Vinci Xi benefits

  • Safe access to all abdominal area spaces 
  • Ergonomic design for performing all types of procedures 
  • Greater accuracy, absolute arm stability and precise movements due to the magnified operative field 
  • Lower risk of infections or blood loss 
  • Minimal postoperative pain and discomfort 
  • Significantly shorter hospitalization time 
  • Faster recovery and return to normal activities

Currently robotic surgery is performed in a multitude of surgical procedures for the following specialties:

  1. General surgery 
  2. Gynecology 
  3. Urology 
  4. Cardiac surgery
  5. Endocrine surgery
  6. Ear-Nose-Throat surgery 


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