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Your Safety

The HYGEIA Management strives towards providing a safe environment for patients, their families, staff, visitors and the community. For this reason, it has developed and implements a comprehensive Risk & Emergency Management Plan.

All staff at HYGEIA have been trained in dealing with emergency situations and participate in annual drills.

In the event that you become aware of any potentially hazardous incident, please call the emergency hotline on 7555 (only available when dialing from a phone within HYGEIA) and report the incident.

If you hear an announcement over the loudspeakers regarding the department you are being hospitalized in or your floor, remain calm and follow the staff’s instructions.

Look for and consult the nearest emergency exit diagram (such diagrams are posted on all the floors within HYGEIA Hospital).

Become familiar with the emergency exit diagram that is posted behind the door of your room.

Emergency exits are clearly marked. DO NOT use the elevators in case of fire or earthquake.

Each hospital department is equipped with fire safety and protection systems. In the event that the hospital department or floor you are located in is being evacuated, leave your personal items in your room and follow the staff’s instructions. The staff will lead you to a safe meeting point, depending on the incident.


  • Smoking, alcohol consumption and the use of any narcotic substances whatsoever are strictly prohibited.
  • Children under 12 are not allowed to enter the Hospital.
  • Cars may enter the Hospital premises only to pick up or drop off patients.
  • Flowers or plants may not be kept in the rooms.
  • Patients or visitors may not bring food into the Hospital.
  • Relatives or other persons are permitted to stay with the patient after visiting hours only after first having obtained written approval from the Ward Supervisor