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Human resources is the largest and most valuable asset of the Hospital. Our priority is fostering a culture of collaboration by creating a pleasant and friendly working environment.

Hygeia’s operating system emphasizes on clear processes and anthropocentric systems, enabling staff to perform their duties. We invest in people and their professional development, providing a safe working environment, a variety of benefits as well as ongoing training and development.

The employees participate in the Corporate Social Responsibility actions organized by HYGEIA Group voluntarily, placing humans and health above all else.

Click here to find out more about the volunteer actions of our employees.

HYGEIA places great emphasis on training through integrated training programs aiming at consolidating the Hospital’s culture and the lifelong development of its executives and employees, consistently serving its strategic objectives.

In this context, HYGEIA’s Human Resources Training and Development Department is to plan, reorganize and evaluate every training program implemented at the Hospital.

The educational programs are the following:

HYGEIA funds postgraduate programs for its employees and actively supports their efforts for professional development and acclaim.

HYGEIA also considers foreign language learning an indispensable qualification for occupational training and optimal utilization of its employees at operational level; this is the reason that, HYGEIA offers funding for language learning.

HYGEIA offers university, technical educational institute and private institute students the opportunity to carry out their internship in healthcare services specialties. Medical school graduates are also accepted to follow postgraduate programs in medical specialties, under the supervision of clinic directors and associate physicians.

Postgraduate courses are organized every year for graduates of Medical Schools. The training takes place at various Departments, Laboratories and Clinics within HYGEIA.


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