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International Experts’ Meeting on Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery and 1st International


The 3rd International Experts’ Meeting on Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery was successfully held in Athens from September 17-19, 2010. The Conference was organized by HYGEIA Hospital’s 3rd Surgical Clinic and is considered a forum for presenting the medical developments in Greece and Europe.

The main topics discussed included laparoscopic and robotic techniques for the digestive system (esophagus, stomach, large and small intestine), the liver and the adrenal glands, the recent single-incision surgical technique, and the latest developments in morbid obesity surgery.

Obesity was at the focus of the 1st Metabolic Surgery Symposium, held on the last day of the Conference. The aim was to bring together experts so that they may exchange views on how to treat this 21st century scourge. It further assisted in fostering cooperation among surgeons, internal medicine doctors, endocrinologists, dieticians, psychologists and other experts when dealing with serious morbid obesity cases. Many of the discussions were based on the experiences of the participants, while an impressive number of younger professionals also participated in the meeting.


The top-level scientific schedule included live broadcasts of surgeries performed at HYGEIA Hospital, as well as taped recordings of surgeries that have been performed in Greek and foreign hospitals. Leading foreign scientists explained their techniques and exchanged views and opinions with their esteemed Greek colleagues on the latest developments in laparoscopic and robotic surgery.

Some of the distinguished guests included Professor J.L. Dulucq from Bordeaux, France; Professor G.B. Cadière and Assistant Professor G. Dapri from the University of Brussels; Professor A. Martinez-Isla from St. Marks Hospital, London; Dr S. Morales-Conde, Director of the Minimally Invasive Surgery Department at the University of Seville, Spain; and Professor A. D’Annibale from San Giovanni Hospital, Rome. Mr Charilaos Pappis was the Chairman of the Conference, which presented all the latest techniques in minimally invasive surgery.