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Latest Developments in Liver Diseases VII

"N. Louros" Conference Center MITERA Hospital

The 7th event on Latest Developments in Liver Diseases was held at the N. Louros Conference Center, MITERA Hospital, on November 3, 2017. The event is organized every year by the HYGEIA Hospital Hepatology Department. This year, Honorary Director and Assistant Professor Dimitris Tsantoulas served as Organizing Committee Chairman. Experienced speakers elaborated on the following issues:

  • Vascular diseases of the liver (S. Dourakis), a heterogeneous group of conditions with evident differences in pathophysiology, clinical development, prognosis and treatment. Special attention was given to the most significant of these diseases, thrombosis of the portal vein.
  • Modern views on the treatment of hepatitis B and C (I. Koskinas), with chronic hepatitis B being treated effectively through continuous use of potent antivirals orally without needing to stop, and chronic hepatitis C being treated at a rate of over 95% through the use of new direct-acting antivirals for 3 months.
  • Immunotherapy in hepatocellular carcinoma (E. Razi), raising the hopes for better treatment through combination of agents.
  • Cholangiocarcinoma (G. Tzimas), a not so rare neoplasm that requires an early and careful approach by surgeons and oncologists.
  • Benign focal liver lesions (Round-table discussion – Moderator: D. Tsantoulas / Speakers: N. Kritikos, S. Papadopoulos, C. Sallas, N. Tzampouras, E. Rigopoulos), which focused on the main benign focal lesions (hemangiomas, viruses, hepatocellular adenoma, focal damage, hyperplasia), their diagnosis based on imaging, cytology and histology tests, their prognosis, and their treatment.
  • Antibiotics and the liver (E. Giamarelou), focusing on the need for making an early diagnosis and selecting the most suitable non-hepatotoxic antibiotic for patients with liver disease.
  • Liver transplantation today (A. Tzakis), focusing on the latest advancements in transplantations, especially on maintaining grafts or using new grafts, such as liver of patients suffering from hepatitis C.

Around 200 doctors of various medical specialties, as well as nursing staff, attended the event

Organized by:
HYGEIA Hospital’s Hepatology Department

Under the auspices of:
HYGEIA Scientific Board Scientific Union of HYGEIA Doctors


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