HYGEIA Hospital
ΛΗΤΩ Μαιευτικό, Γυναικολογικό & Χειρουργικό Κέντρο
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The art of care

The 17th floor houses a one-of-a-kind VVIP suite, three modern VIP suites and two Luxury suites, which will meet your highest expectations. The  VIP suites are comfortable and elegantly decorated, with 2 baths and a lounge room that can be converted into a guest bedroom. Both the hospital room and the lounge are equipped with a TV and DVD player.  The two Luxury suites are equipped with all the amenities that will make your stay at HYGEIA as comfortable as possible, including a range of toiletries, such as bath gel, shampoo and body cream. In addition, if you require special care during your stay, talk to us so that we can arrange beauty and hair salon services (haircut, hair styling, manicure, pedicure) for men and women.

Meet our VVIP Suite

The 1700 VVIP Suite is unique for Greek standards. It is located on the 17th floor of HYGEIA Hospital and has been designed to cater for the hospitalization needs of even the most demanding patients and their caregivers. The aim is to offer the quality medical services of HYGEIA Hospital in the most direct, safe and strictly confidential manner, ensuring an excellent level of hospitalization in a friendly and hospitable environment. The suite gets plenty of sunlight and is always decorated with fresh flowers. It has a second room, an office, two ultra-modern bathrooms, and the amazing view that only the 17th floor can offer.  Fully respecting your valuable time and needs, we offer you:

  • Exclusive nurse, 24/7.
  • TV (NOVA satellite channels) and DVD player (with a selection of DVDs) in your room, as well as the visitor lounge, so that you may be entertained throughout your stay.
  • Desktop PC with fast, wireless internet access. The office space within the suite has been specially designed so that you may continue to work unobstructed until you are discharged.
  • Laptop, in the event your doctor recommends that you stay in bed.
  • Greek and foreign daily press and magazines.
  • Books on various topics (Greek and foreign) on the office shelves, as well as board games, to entertain you and your loved ones.

You may also be admitted to hospital in the most discreet manner, accessing the 17th floor in the most convenient and easy way you could have ever imagined:

  • Parking is available within HYGEIA Hospital for your car and the cars of your visitors/caregivers, provided you wish so.
  • We can meet you and/or your visitors at the parking area and accompany you to the suite.
  • There is a separate entrance with a private elevator, for maximum comfort and privacy.
  • The admission process is performed within the suite by a Hospital employee, eliminating waiting time.

Your discharge is just as fast, efficient and totally discreet:

  • The discharge papers are issued immediately.
  • The account may be settled within the suite.
  • There is a separate exit with a private elevator.
  • You may be accompanied from the suite to the parking area.