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Inspired by the advancements in the field of technology and their application in the area of healthcare, we have created an online Personal Health Record (PHR) my hygeia for patients. Our aim is to offer yet again top-level healthcare services that meet the needs of our patients.

my hygeia is a structured collection of all the patients’ medical information, stored in digital form. Patients may access their online file quickly and easily, and communicate their health information in any way they see fit, within a safe and secure environment that utterly respects their personal data.

What are the benefits

my hygeia is a valuable tool for both patients and doctors. Through their PHR patients may now play a more active role in their healthcare. Within a convenient environment, they may monitor their personal health information, but also share this information with the doctors of their choice.

This improves significantly doctor-patient communication

Access to medical history is direct and easy, while treating physician has the ability to compare previous test results or information with the latest ones in real time, which plays a major role in proper patient management and treatment. Patients’ medical records:

  • transferred easy and their storage is safe
  • are continually updating with new medical data

my hygeia offers convenient and immediate access to a patient’s medical history and contributes significantly to quality medical care for patients.

How to register

Registration is fast and easy. Just fill in the application form that you will find at HYGEIA Hospital.

For the registration at Personal Health Record, you must have:

    • Personal email
    • Personal mobile number
    • ID Card

Once you have completed the registration and activation process, please visit the site www.e-hygeia.gr, to have access to your personal medical data in HYGEIA Hospital whenever you’d like.


The application ensures absolute protection of the patients’ personal and health data. Only the patient has access to it with his/her credentials. He/She may then authorize other users, such as family members.