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Meet our Team

At HYGEIA Hospital, we pay special attention when serving the needs of our international clients. As increasingly more people seek better healthcare services outside their home country, HYGEIA Hospital has set up the International Patient Services Department (IPS), offering its services for all patients and visitors from all over the world, by coordinating the medical and personal needs for all patients prior to their arrival, during their stay and upon discharge. The IPS’s aim is to meet the needs and expectations of all international patients in a personalized, scientific and friendly manner and committed to make the visit of patients and their relatives, as convenient and stress-free as possible.

IPS, with respect to any cultural diversity, offers a wide range of services and amenities to ensure that any visit to our hospital is as smooth and pleasant as possible. International patient care begins before the arrival at HYGEIA Hospital and lasts throughout the stay. The hospital can cover almost every hospitality service and intercultural requirement like dietary and religion needs, which are readily available. Our adaptability/response to each patient’s needs is something we are proud of.

The IPS team currently speaks English, French and Turkish. The Hospital has eliminated potential language barriers through a combination of in-house staff and outsourcing collaborations of respective agencies by providing translation and interpretation services upon request. Additionally, the Hospital’s staff speak 23 different languages, with 65% speaking a foreign language and 27% speaking a second language, covering the majority of languages used more often.

International Patient Services Department at a glance…

  • Responds to all IPS requests,
  • Schedules appointments with HYGEIA Hospital physicians,
  • Coordinates the admissions, hospital stay and discharge process,
  • Provides interpretation services in several languages,
  • Organize transportation arrangements to and from the Hospital
  • Provides assistance with financial issues
  • Handles arrangements between the patient, the Hospital and third party insurance companies, embassies and other businesses

IPS team:

HYGEIA Hospital 

  • Mr. Nick Pagopoulos
  • Ms. Anastasia Ntonavou
  • Ms. Peggy Florou

T: +30 210 68 67 788
F: +30 210 68 25 532
E: ips@hygeia.gr

MITERA Hospital 

  • Ms. Panagioula Kefala
  • Mr. Thomas Trifonopoulos
  • Ms. Ioanna Papadopoulou

Τ.: +30 210 6869130, + 30 210 6869142, +30 210 6869167
F: +30 210 6869495
E: admission@mitera.gr