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Doctors in HYGEIA Hospital, play a vital role in delivering top-level health care services, focusing on each patient’s needs.

HYGEIA‘s Medical Staff is comprised of about 200 salaried and 600 associated physicians, covering 50 specialties and offering up-to-date scientific services to patients, all of them covered by a medical malpractice liability Insurance.
Most of HYGEIA‘s senior physicians are Board Certified and professors to National or International Universities. They maintain a strong scientific presence in the domestic and global medical community and most of them are affiliated with international academic institutions in the US and in Europe. HYGEIA Hospital has constituted a scientific network through a number of International co-operations, in order to provide training opportunities, exchange of know-how and transfer of best practices on all operational and medical levels. In addition to that, the establishment of the Scientific Union of HYGEIA Doctors (S.U.H.D.) since 1980 is a great example of medical knowledge exchange practices.
HYGEIA places great emphasis on training through integrated training programs aiming at consolidating the organization’s culture and the lifelong development of its employees, consistently serving its strategic objectives. It also offers a number of postgraduate courses, organized annually for graduates of Medical Schools providing to young doctors the opportunity to enrich their training at various Departments, Laboratories and Clinics of HYGEIA.
Continuous education is also a high priority of the Nursing Division in HYGEIA Hospital. The Nursing Education Office provides continuous theoretical lessons combined with bedside training. There are also specialized departmental programs, in order to continuously ensure compliance as well as active participation in quality improvement projects. The rest Scientific Staff also follows the high standards of skilled personnel with continuous training, professional development and participation in internal and external quality control projects. 85% of HYGEIA’s staff holds a University Degree, 60% speaks a second language and 60% participates in ongoing training programs.
Also, all of HYGEIA’s clinical trials, scientific papers, conferences presentations and clinical advancements are published each year and are available to everyone who wants to have an idea of the excellent scientific level of the hospital’s physicians and the rest scientific personnel.
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