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1st Female Reproductive Surgery Event

13 May 2019

The 1st Female Reproductive Surgery Event, hosted by the HYGEIA Hospital Endoscopic Female Reproductive Surgery Department has been completed successfully. Distinguished scientists shared their experiences on the topic and talked about the latest developments in the field of female reproductive surgery.

The event focused on the swift developments in the area of endoscopic surgery, which have redefined the significance of surgery in restoring but also maintaining fertility in women of a reproductive age. The factors affecting female fertility, which can be effectively addressed using suitable endoscopic surgery, were presented, such as unexplained infertility, endometriosis, uterine fibroids, hydrosalpinx, lysis of adhesions, tubal plastic surgery, ovarian drilling and polycystic ovaries. Endoscopic surgery may also supplement assisted reproduction (IVF) technologies, improving the success rates. Endoscopic procedures include hysteroscopy, laparoscopy and more recently robotic surgery.

As Dr. Vasilis Kapetanakis, Director of the HYGEIA Hospital Endoscopic Female Reproductive Surgery Department, noted, “The role of reproductive surgery has changed due to the improved capabilities of endoscopic surgery, stemming from innovation, tool development and improved knowledge in applying these technologies. Reproductive surgery, coupled with the benefits of endoscopic surgery, is a significant step in the treatment of female infertility, either by achieving full fertility restoration, making the option of spontaneous conception possible, or by significantly increasing the success rates of IVF in the cases deemed suitable. It also plays an important role in safeguarding the future fertility of women who require surgery, but do not wish to have children yet.”

The HYGEIA Hospital Endoscopic Female Reproductive Surgery Department, headed by Dr. Vasilis Kapetanakis, provides well-rounded treatment to patients, given that the qualified department doctors have long experience both in the female reproductive system and in endoscopic surgery (laparoscopic and robotic), ensuring a comprehensive approach that safeguards and maintains fertility in complex pathological conditions.