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HYGEIA completed its successful contribution to the EU-funded InteropEHRate project

29 August 2022

True to its commitment to continuous growth and innovation, after three consecutive years HYGEIA completed its participation in Horizon 2020, the largest EU Research and Innovation Framework Program, with its successful contribution to the InteropEHRate landmark project. This innovative project aims to offer European citizens easier access to, but also complete control over their health data through their mobile devices.  

Specifically, the InteropEHRate project set ambitious goals: 

  • To bring together personal health data dispersed across various healthcare professionals on the mobile devices of citizens. 
  • To offer patients the option of sharing data with healthcare professionals in any EU country, with utmost security. 
  • To offer nursing staff the possibility to access data that is critical to patient care in the event of an emergency, in any EU country. 
  • To offer the option of sharing selected data in a controlled, secure and private manner and the chance to withdraw said data, when participating in decentralized clinical trials. This action is quite pivotal in promoting research. 

InteropEHRate developed a set of protocols and tools that can be used directly by healthcare professionals and suppliers to improve existing or develop new innovative solutions and services. 

HYGEIA was chosen as one of four hospitals in various EU countries that actively participated in this innovative project. Specifically, patients from Italy and Belgium visited the hospital doctors and gave them access to their health data, which were translated in real time. On the other hand, HYGEIA patients visited the Monasterio Foundation hospitals in Pisa, Italy, for the same purpose.  

The following HYGEIA employees participated in the successful trials: Petros Papachristou, C.I.O. of the Hellenic Healthcare Group; Petros Danias, Heart MRI Department Director; Stergios Tasiopoulos, Director of the 7th Internal Medicine Clinic; Efthymia Papadopoulou, Attending Physician at the 7th Internal Medicine Clinic; and Kyriaki Frangkioudaki, Nursing Division Director. 

The project results will be presented at the final conference in Liège, Belgium, on 28 September 2022, which will be broadcasted online. Apart from the key results and the conclusions from the pilot trials, participants will discuss the contribution of InteropEHRate to the EU policy on health data sharing, focusing on the European Health Data Space, and to the relevant policies of national healthcare organizations. The action plan for further making the most of the InteropEHRate results will also be discussed. 

Apply here to attend the conference.