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For yet another year, HYGEIA is among the 35 most sustainable companies in Greece

28 April 2023

HYGEIA, for yet another year, has deservedly earned a place among the top 35 “Most Sustainable Companies in Greece 2023”, in the context of the publication of the annual assessment results of business performance in sustainable development based on ESG criteria, announced by the QualityNet Foundation.

Specifically, HYGEIA stood out for its high performance in the areas of Sustainable Development and the implementation of Responsible Business practices. This distinction confirms the Hospital’s commitment to operate with responsibility and sensitivity, focusing on People and their needs, Society and the Environment.

The 35 companies were distinguished for their initiatives and actions developed in the important areas of Corporate Governance and for their business performance in Sustainable Development. The result was achieved based on the systematic monitoring of their performance, through policies, procedures and specific indicators, as well as of the way they disclose their non-financial information, in order to constitute the select business representatives of sustainable development in our country.

HYGEIA, for more than 53 years, has been operating responsibly, with a clear vision, firm commitments, consistent strategy, transparent processes, best practices and devotion to ethical governance principles, investing steadily in a better and sustainable future for all. Through the high quality health services it provides and the acts of social contribution it organizes, it is an example for Greek business, as it operates with full awareness that the good of health is directly linked to the sense of humanity and responsibility towards fellow human beings and the environment in which they live.

In this context, HYGEIA operates in compliance with the relevant environmental legislation and makes every effort to minimize its environmental footprint by adopting good practices to prevent pollution. Each year, it assesses the impact of its activities and services on the environment, and based on the results, it takes measures to improve its performance by setting targets and designing programs, with particular emphasis on waste management. In particular, it has implemented the Hazardous Materials and Waste Management Plan, which regulates the procedures in place for handling, storing, transporting and disposing of hazardous waste generated during the operation of the hospital.

To support the Society, HYGEIA undertakes a number of important actions, providing all possible assistance, including basic goods, medical services and equipment, while supporting the vision and action of social institutions and organizations, organizing public information and awareness campaigns and offering health checks at symbolic prices to vulnerable groups. In this context, it organizes the “Travel for Health” Program, aimed at meeting the needs of residents of small islands and mountainous communities who do not have easy access to medical services. At the same time, the medical, nursing and administrative staff of the Hospital are constantly involved in voluntary activities. In addition, HYGEIA supports the “In action for a better world” initiative, which was awarded by the European Commission at the European Sustainability Awards 2019, as the best non-profit organization program in Europe for the dissemination and awareness of the Global Sustainable Development Goals. Through its participation, it aims to inform and mobilize young students, having prepared a specially designed educational material, “Good Health for a Better Life”, around social contribution and solidarity.

HYGEIAs President and CEO, Mr. Andreas Kartapanis, said:  “At HYGEIA, we operate for the benefit of society, the protection of the environment, the well-being of our employees and the support of our fellow human beings. We are among the leading group of 35 “Most Sustainable Companies in Greece 2023”, confirming that our high ethical standards, our values and the socially responsible practices we apply through a holistic and sustainable development model have a positive impact on society, contribute to the economic development of the country and enhance the value of our hospital. Fully aware of our increased social role, we are committed to continue in this direction, returning value to society and creating a future of inclusive growth and prosperity, for all.