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HYGEIA: Innovative Technique for Non-Invasive Treatment of Common Femoral Artery Stenosis

01 July 2019

A new method for non-invasive treatment of common femoral artery stenosis was successfully performed for the first time in Greece at HYGEIA Hospital, by Mr Stavros Kalliafas and the HYGEIA Hospital 1st Vascular Surgery Clinic team.

The common femoral artery is the one that supplies blood to the leg and is located at the base of the thigh (groin). Due to its position, it is affected by severe atherosclerosis with extended calcification (hard atheromatous plaque). The use of stents is prohibited in that area, while simple angioplasty is not successful, due to the calcification, leaving open surgery as the most frequently used option. In these patients, the use of the latest generation guided atherotome during a non-invasive procedure can avoid open surgery.

Large parts of the atheromatous plaque were removed with the latest generation guided atherotome, which led to a successful simple angioplasty immediately after, without the need to place a stent. The procedure was performed under local anesthesia and was painless, while the patient was hospitalized in the One-Day Treatment Unit.

Two days later, the latest generation atherotome was used on another patient, and a successful procedure was performed on the popliteal artery, without using a stent.

Mr Stavros Kalliafas, Director of the 1st Vascular Surgery Clinic at HYGEIA Hospital, noted, “The technical improvements of the latest generation guided atherotome solved the problems encountered previously by surgeons in large vessels. Nowadays, its use is indicated both for treating common femoral artery stenosis and in cases involving reperfusion of the lower limbs in vessels where the use of stent should be avoided, such as the popliteal artery.” He further added, “The HYGEIA Hospital 1st Vascular Surgery Clinic has been paving the way in non-invasive vascular procedures, using all the modern non-invasive vascular techniques, which allow painless, safe and immediate treatment for the vast majority of vascular patients.