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Imaging in Clinical Oncology, the book written by Greek doctors, is in its second edition

10 January 2019

The newest methods in diagnosis, staging and treatment at the service of patients with cancer

The advancements in Imaging, coupled with the revolutionary changes in Oncology, mainly in the areas of targeted treatments, immunotherapy, early diagnosis, staging and prevention, are featured in the second updated edition of Imaging in Clinical Oncology, released recently by international publishing house Springer.

The first edition in 2013 was a major success, with around 230,000 chapter downloads. The book was ranked among the medical bestsellers by the publishing house. The second updated edition includes all the latest methods for diagnosis, staging and treatment of the main types of cancer, with the scientific seal and experience of Greek doctors, chiefly from HYGEIA Hospital and the University of Athens, as well as other university medical schools and major hospitals in Greece.

Assisted by Imaging, prevention, early diagnosis, response to various treatments and monitoring are all areas which offer oncologists the opportunity to better manage patients with cancer. At the same time, through modern technology, Imaging plays a vital role in the actual assessment of treatment response, which, by extension, benefits patients and their treatment plans.

 Dr Ioannis Andreou, Radiologist and Director of the HYGEIA-MITERA Imaging Departments, and Dr Paris Kosmidis, Medical Oncologist and Director of the 2nd Medical Oncology Clinic, two of the three editors, warmly thanked everyone who contributed to the release of this book. The idea for the book arose within HYGEIA Hospital and the outline was designed by the editors themselves. As they noted, “This edition is the result of a long-term partnership among a number of doctors with varying specialties, mainly from HYGEIA. It is also a valuable tool both for younger and for experienced doctors, as it offers the global medical community deep knowledge and insight into the fields of Oncology and Imaging, to the benefit of patients.”

Imaging in Oncology is written in English and the second edition is available worldwide. For further information click here.