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New AI technology detects suspicious lesions during breast tomosynthesis

22 September 2020

Breast tumors are the most common form of malignancy in women. This is why we recruit dedicated breast radiologists and install the latest and most reliable technology at the MITERA Breast Imaging Department.

So, staying true to this philosophy, we recently installed the ProFound AI™, the first 3D tomosynthesis software which operates based on artificial intelligence. This software allows us to detect every minor breast lesion, analyzing each section of the 3D tomosynthesis separately.

Therefore, our qualified Radiologists have the most advanced AI technology available to help them process the multiple images produced via tomosynthesis reliably, accurately and fast, which was not possible in the past.

The ProFound AI™ software is based on an artificial intelligence algorithm that has been trained using data from over 12,000 cases, so as to generate relative Certainty of Finding and Case Scores. These scores demonstrate the extent to which the algorithm correctly identifies the existence of a lesion, the level of risk of said lesion, as well as whether it needs further workup.

The scores are represented on a 0% to 100% scale, with higher scores indicating a higher probability of the finding detected by the algorithm being malignant. The qualified Breast Radiologists assess these data, locate malignancies and rank the findings, ensuring safety and saving valuable time for the patients.

Recent studies have shown that the ProFound AI™ software improves the breast cancer detection rates, even identifying minor tumor-like lesions and/or calcifications, while it reduces false positives and unnecessary patient recalls.

The Director of the MITERA Breast Imaging Department and Scientific Board Member of the European Society of Breast Imaging, Dr Alexandra Athanasiou, noted, “The use of artificial intelligence has revolutionized the way medicine is practiced today. After multiple evaluations of other relevant proposals, we selected and currently own the most suitable software, which will prove to be a valuable tool in the hands of experts, offering a range of benefits to our patients. I am extremely pleased that MITERA evaluates and embraces any new technology, to the benefit of our patients.”