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New state-of-the-art Halcyon Elite KV linear accelerator at the Radiation Oncology Center

20 July 2020

Unique in Greece 

A new state-of-the-art linear accelerator, unique in Greece, is the latest addition to the HYGEIA Radiation Oncology Center arsenal. The Halcyon Elite KV System with iCBCT by Varian is the newest radiotherapy system, engineered to simplify and enhance virtually every aspect of image-guided radiotherapy.

The Halcyon Elite KV has been specially designed to revolutionize radiotherapy to date, through innovation in three crucial areas: high quality of care, operational excellence and human-centered design.

Apart from 100% image-guided treatment for all patients, which improves positioning accuracy and eliminates the risk of errors, this system has the added benefit of delivering fully localized treatment to the targeted tumor, with low radiation dose concentration to crucial nearby organs.

The Halcyon Elite KV has a unique special quality control and dose delivery accuracy system (EPID dosimetry), useful both before the start of treatment and during each session/irradiation. This is performed in a unique manner in Greece to date, by taking into account all the radiation data regarding the radiation fields applied and calculating the dose at each session based on the patient’s anatomy. It is a unique tool for recording and confirming the total dose throughout the duration of a patient’s treatment. This way, the Radiation Oncologist is able to use the latest radiotherapy techniques, with the greatest possible safety for patients.

On his part, HYGEIA Group CEO Mr Andreas Kartapanis noted, “The acquisition of the new Halcyon Elite KV linear accelerator forms part of HYGEIA’s wide-scale program to invest in latest technology equipment. The personalized management of oncology patients, combined with the Center’s integrated systems, offers the option of selecting the optimal technique for each patient and ensures access to quality care.

HYGEIA Radiation Oncology Center

The HYGEIA Hospital Radiation Oncology Center is the most contemporary and well equipped such center in Greece and one of the best ones in Europe.
The Center performs all the latest radiotherapy techniques, with the aim of delivering accurate doses to the targeted tumor and limiting to the extent possible the radiation dose to surrounding healthy tissues. It is a center of excellence for Stereotactic Radiotherapy & Radiosurgery according to the International RadioSurgery Association (IRSA). Based on the experience and international acclaim of the Radiotherapy & Oncology Center and 
the Medical Physics Department, the Center was selected as European center of excellence by ELEKTA and is among the five centers in Europe working with the company’s Research & Development Department to develop and review new treatment planning systems.