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Partnership agreement between HYGEIA Group and the Theracell–Orgenesis joint venture in the area of advanced cell and gene therapy

06 December 2019

  • Development and delivery of personalized therapies in Greece for a wide range of diseases
  • Implementation of point-of-care model: development and application of advanced treatments for patients onsite

HYGEIA Group and the Theracell–Orgenesis joint venture announced a strategic partnership for the clinical development and delivery of personalized, advanced therapies that can effectively offer treatment to a wide range of patients in the areas of oncology, hematology, orthopedics, nephrology, dermatology and diabetes. The announcement was made during a scientific meeting held at the N. Louros Conference Center, MITERA Hospital, on 6 December.

Through this partnership agreement, and the use of Theracell–Orgenesis’ cutting-edge technology, HYGEIA Group has become the first hospital network in Greece to offer its patients advanced cell and gene therapies (CGTs), gaining a strong competitive advantage in the rapidly developing field of regenerative medicine.

HYGEIA Group CEO Andreas Kartapanis noted, “True to its vision and paving the way in the almost 50 years it has been operating, HYGEIA Group is revolutionizing healthcare in Greece, through its business practices and the adoption of innovative and pioneering therapies. Through this partnership, we are offering precise medical services and are addressing critical illnesses with cell and gene therapies, taking responsibility for life. At the cutting edge of technology and with a deep sense of respect for people, HYGEIA Group remains committed to innovation and invests in the provision of superior healthcare services.”

Commenting on the partnership with HYGEIA Group and his Company’s activities, Theracell Advanced Biotechnology CEO Fotis Sakellaridis said, “We thank HYGEIA Group for the trust they have shown in us. Through their activities, companies aim to build bridges that bring benefits to society and people. The strategic partnership between the Theracell–Orgenesis joint venture and HYGEIA Group will provide access to advanced therapies, both for patients and for social security systems. In addition, these innovative treatment options are an amazing opportunity for developing Medical Tourism services, with significant benefits, boosting the national economy and promoting the Greek scientific community internationally. At the same time, it creates conditions for new jobs for medical specialists and advanced scientific staff, curbing the brain-drain phenomenon. At Theracell, we are dedicated and have a deep sense of responsibility, building these bridges that will make people and societies healthier, and our health system and economy more viable.”

Referring to the strategic partnership with HYGEIA Group, Vered Caplan, President and CEO of Orgenesis, stated, “We chose HYGEIA Group as a partner knowing full well of its quality infrastructure and the excellent training of its staff. Through the added value of the Theracell–Orgenesis joint venture, with its technical know-how and the treatment areas it can be applied to, we are offering HYGEIA Group a strong competitive advantage, both in terms of business growth and chiefly through the delivery of personalized life-saving therapies to patients.”