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Corporate Social Responsibility Program

At HYGEIA Group, our priority is to go beyond the limits of the Moral and Social Values that govern the Company. We voluntarily implement Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives, both in the transactions and activities of the Group, as well as in actions or initiatives that target people and their needs, and ultimately benefit social economy. 

The aim of this model is for the Group’s development to coexist with the initiatives it undertakes with regard to society, the environment, the employees and the market, all the while focusing on people, with a sense of responsibility and compassion. HYGEIA Group values the concept of Corporate Responsibility and has formed a CSR team to this end.

We do not grow complacent, but we rather treat every crisis as a new challenge and an opportunity to improve. We envision the future and we believe that the coordinated efforts of our team, combined with the high-level training or our staff and their deep sense of responsibility towards our fellow citizens and patients, will assist the Group in maintaining its leading position, while ensuring our growth, to the benefit of all interested parties.
We maintain clear vision, solid commitments, consistent strategy, transparent procedures, best practices and dedication to the principles of corporate governance, focusing on constantly upgrading the level of the healthcare services we offer.

Strongly believing that the leader in any field must set an example, we implement actions on daily basis, while also ensuring that we strengthen the social and financial position of the Group. For us at HYGEIA Group, our fundamental aim is to give from the heart, and this is the reason why the main pillar of our corporate responsibility encompasses the very meaning of volunteerism.

HYGEIA Group’s CSR model is based on 4 pillars:

    We operate based on transparency and meritocracy, adopting risk prevention and management systems with the aim of safeguarding the interests of the company, its shareholders and all other stakeholders.
    The operation of HYGEIA Group is distinguished for its clear procedures and people-centered approaches, which facilitate the employees to perform their duties.
    Corporate social responsibility stems from our corporate culture and the values we foster, while it accompanies all actions associated with the society.
    Two of HYGEIA Group’s crystal-clear commitments are to care for and to sustain the environment.

Since 2010, we have been issuing CSR reports, while in 2015, we published the CSR report for the three-year period 2012-2014. These reports are posted on our website.

HYGEIA Group offers quality healthcare services at the cutting-edge of medical science and technology, and with a deep sense of respect for People, Society and the Environment.