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Your Admission

Scheduled Admission

Your attending physician will give you instructions regarding your scheduled admission. Once you arrive at HYGEIA, proceed to the Reception & Patient Services (Patient Admissions) on the 4th floor (ground level) to give your personal details as well as information about your insurance cover.

The staff at Patient Admissions will assist you in filling out all the necessary documents, will inform you about the admission process and, once your insurance cover details have been settled (provided you are insured), will escort you to your room so that you may settle in. The Patient Admissions staff will try their best to provide you with the type of room you desire (depending on availability). They will also hand you a Patient Handbook that contains useful information about your hospitalization, as well as the rights of hospitalized patients, in accordance with the Greek legislation.

Hygeia Card

On the day of your admission, you will be given the Hygeia Card, with your name and a strictly personal code number on it. The Hygeia Card works like an ID card, ensuring reliable identification. It offers multiple privileges and unique healthcare services to you and your family. In case you had been issued with a Hygeia Card during a previous admission/visit, please bring it with you. Click here for further information about the Hygeia Card or contact us on 1051.

Emergency or After-Hours Admission

In this case, proceed to the HYGEIA Outpatient Clinic, located on the 3rd floor (T: +30 210 686 7425). The Outpatient Clinic staff will inform you about the admission process and will help you fill out all the necessary documents. Cars may enter the Outpatient Clinic area only to pick up or drop off patients.


What to bring with you

  • ID Card or passport
  • National insurance booklet & Social Security Number (AMKA)
  • Tax Number
  • Private insurance documentation (Hospitalization Card or any other proof of health insurance provided by your insurance company)
  • Hygeia Card (which may have been issued in your name during any previous admission/visit to HYGEIA Hospital)
  • Medical history
  • Μedical Information: a copy of any medical information you may have, e.g. X-rays, diagnoses, medical test results, etc, especially the ones within the last 30 days.

Preoperative check-up

Provided you have been scheduled for a surgical procedure, your attending physician will advise you when you need to undergo a preoperative check-up and will also notify Patient Admissions at HYGEIA (4th floor). You must report to Patient Admissions on the day and time you have been scheduled for your preoperative check-up. A Patient Admissions employee will accompany you to all the relevant departments where the necessary tests are to be performed. After the check-up, your file will be kept at the Reception & Patient Services, where all your medical tests will be collected by a Patient Admissions employee, so they may be available on the day of your admission.

Pharmaceutical treatment

Please bring with you or make sure you know exactly the type of medication you are on, so that it may be integrated to your treatment. Attention: You must not take any medication without consulting your doctor. Brief your doctor on any non-prescription medication (general use, homeopathy, herbs, etc) you may have taken, are still taking or have stopped taking in the last three months.

Nutrition before admission

Your doctor will advise you as to whether you may consume any food or liquids prior to your admission.

Personal items

We suggest that you to leave all your valuables at home. There is a special storage area within the hospital for your luggage or personal items. For further information, you may contact Patient Admissions or your Ward Secretary. You may keep personal hygiene items in your room. Towels, toiletries and slippers are supplied by HYGEIA.