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Clinical Psychology

Quite often medical problems affect a patient’s psychological and emotional state negatively. Conversely, psychological factors, as well as an individual’s emotional state contribute in various disorders, such as gastrointestinal problems, heart diseases, skin conditions or conditions of the respiratory system.

HYGEIA’s Clinical Psychology Department, the first one of its kind established in a general private hospital in Greece, aims at the best possible care for the patient; care is viewed and treated together as “body and mind” rather than solely as a medical problem.

The Department’s main goals are: provision of psychological services to inpatients, outpatients and their relatives in collaboration with the medical and nursing staff, and education and training for health professionals.

For patients hospitalized at HYGEIA Hospital:

Short-term Supportive Psychotherapy in patients with:

  • Cardiological problems (e.g. By -pass surgery)
  • Pathological problems (e.g. ulcer, hypertension)
  • Skin conditions
  • Malignancies
  • Hemiplegia, paraplegia following an accident or cerebral episode
  • operations leading to amputation
  • Other conditions

Psychological Examination – Treatment
It is recommended for patients for whom psychological factors may contribute to their disease, or influence their preoperative, postoperative state, or recuperation phase.

Short-term inpatient Psychotherapy
For patients with psychological disorders, such as major depression etc.

Emergency Psychotherapeutic Intervention for patients undergoing a crisis.
Counseling for Relatives and Families of the patients belonging to the above mentioned categories

For OUTPATIENTS, the Department offers the following services:

  • Adult and adolescent psychotherapy
  • Adult and adolescent psychological evaluation
  • Counseling for families and couples
  • Supportive Psychotherapy relating to the medical problems of the individual or any other member of the family

For patients hospitalized in the Hospital:

  • The Department offers supportive psychotherapy to patients with malignant diseases undergoing chemotherapy, radiotherapy or other treatment, as well as to their relatives.
  • In cooperation with HYGEIA’s Breast Center, every patient who undergoes surgery for breast cancer is evaluated psychologically and is offered supportive psychotherapy.

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