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The first percutaneous orthotopic tricuspid valve implantations in Greece took place at HYGEIA

13 February 2024

The first in Greece percutaneous tricuspid valve implantations in patients with severe symptomatic native valve insufficiency who were unsuitable for other surgical or invasive treatment were a complete success. The procedures were performed by the physicians of the Department of Percutaneous Valves of HYGEIA, under the direction of Mr. Konstantinos Spargias. It should be noted that HYGEIA is the first hospital where the method was applied in Europe outside Germany.

Tricuspid valve insufficiency is the second most common valve disease in the developed world, and these patients rarely undergo repair or replacement surgery because the risk of surgery is high and the results are uncertain. Alternatively, these patients are treated percutaneously with clips and/or valves but placed heterotopically, i.e. in other locations away from the tricuspid valve. The new method of percutaneous tricuspid valve implantation orthotopically, i.e. in its anatomical position, offers a complete and comprehensive treatment with minimal risk. The method, involves the implantation of a biological bovine valve through a puncture through the vein of the leg, without surgical opening of the sternum. The hospital stay is 2-3 days, with an immediate return to daily activities.

Mr. Konstantinos Spargias, Interventional Cardiologist, Director of the Department of Percutaneous Valves of HYGEIA, emphasizes: “The tricuspid valve implantation method (EVOQUE, Edwards Lifesciences) received European Union approval a few months ago and US approval a few days ago and has been applied in less than 1,000 patients worldwide in selected specialized centers. Studies have demonstrated dramatic improvements in patients’ symptoms and quality of life. This method will undoubtedly provide a very effective but also relatively simple and harmless treatment solution for many patients.”

The Department of Percutaneous Valves at HYGEIA, offers comprehensive and reliable treatment of all heart valve diseases with transcatheter methods. The Department’s physicians have introduced in Greece all the now well-established percutaneous valve procedures, such as the Aortic Valve Implantation (TAVI), mitral and tricuspid valve repair with clips (MitraClip, Pascal) and mitral and now tricuspid valve implantation, making the HYGEIA Department of Percutaneous Valves a Centre of Reference and Training at a global level.