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Support for NGO Praxis

In 2014, HYGEIA Group assisted the efforts of the Praksis NGO, offering relief and smiles to the children and adults supported by the organization. The actions were also supported by the MIG companies of the Marfin Foundation, as well as companies associated with the Group.

Focusing on the needs of the children benefited by the Praksis initiatives, it donated everyday items, such as clothing/footwear and food, as well as items for educational and entertainment purposes.

  • It donated: school supplies to the children hosted at the Praksis Guesthouse, a freezer stocked with ice cream, items for the home, a TV, a DVD player, and an interactive whiteboard to assist the task of the volunteer teachers who offer tutorials to the children attending school.
  • Meal nights were also organized, where food and everyday items were donated.
  • It also undertook to paint the dining hall of the Stegi Plus Guesthouse in Athens, making the room more vibrant and cozy for the young guests, while HYGEIA’s Technical Service reorganized and the children’s very large shoe cabinet.
  • The Group also donated computers, video games, board games, a ping-pong table and a map of the world, where each child pinned their country of origin, to the Athens and Patra Shelters.
  • An electric wheelchair was also given to Freddy, a young boy hosted at the Shelter, allowing him to move around more freely. His warm smile and handshake was enough gratitude for us, even if he could not express it in Greek.
  • We also offered the children of the Stegi Plus Guesthouse a memorable evening at a Circe Du Soleil show, as well as a unique experience at the Malakasa Adventure Park.

Finally, young Mohammed was filled with joy when he was accompanied by a HYGEIA volunteer to an Athenian mall, where he bought clothes, shoes and other items for his trip back home to be reunited with his mother. This was just the beginning of the continuous support offered to children who are reunited with their families, with HYGEIA donating clothes and footwear for their trip.

Y-Logimed covered the needs of Praksis for 4 months with OraQuick rapid HIV-1/2 antibody tests, valued at €12,000 in total.

HYGEIA Group employees also collected food in October and sent it to Praksis, which distributed it to 250 families supported by the organization.

Furthermore, medical exams were performed on children and adults, and many cases requiring surgery were also treated, including an incident involving a former torture victim who was suffering from a severe medical condition.

Professor Eleni K. Giamarellou, Internal Medicine Physician/Infectious Diseases Specialist and Director of the HYGEIA Hospital 6th Internal Medicine Clinic, briefed the medical and nursing staff of the Athens Medical Clinic on the prevention and transmission of the Ebola virus. The Praksis associates transferred this knowledge to the rest of the their colleagues employed in various posts throughout the organization through peer-to-peer education, while the Group donated medical supplies and special Ebola virus protection materials.