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The Gamma Knife Brain Radiosurgery Department is the only center in Greece to use the advanced Gamma Knife Perfexion system.

The Gamma Knife Brain Radiosurgery Department is unique in Greece. It started operating in HYGEIA Hospital in February 2004 and in cooperation with HYGEIA’s Radiation Oncology Center, constitute a center of excellence for Elekta, the company that developed the Leksell Gamma Knife.

It has conducted internationally innovative studies on radiophysics and the treatment of malignant brain tumors. It also successfully hosted the 15th Leksell Gamma Knife Society Meeting in 2010. 2014 marked 10 years since the first Gamma Knife procedure was performed on a patient in Greece, at HYGEIA Hospital. In these 10 years, more than 2,000 treatments for brain, head or neck conditions have been carried out by HYGEIA Hospital’s Gamma Knife Brain Radiosurgery Department, with an over 95% success rate for most diagnoses.

Gamma-Knife radiosurgery is considered the most significant technical innovation in neurosurgery in the last 20 years. It allows approximately 1 million patients worldwide to adequately control their disease, without undergoing the hassles and risks of an open surgical procedure. Neurosurgeons, radiotherapists-oncologists and radiophysicists contribute their expertise to create a treatment program tailored to the needs of each patient.

The continuous monitoring and evaluation of patients who have undergone treatment with Gamma Knife confirmed a success rate of over 95% for most benign tumors and a significant improvement in the most aggressive cases. This has rendered Gamma Knife radiosurgery the most suitable treatment method, replacing conventional surgery or other therapeutic interventions that have failed.



Leksell Gamma Knife Perfexion: the latest technology in Brain Radiosurgery worldwide

What is it?
It is a computer-operated automated radiosurgery system which destroys three-dimensional targets in much shorter times compared to other technologies.

It is the new Brain Radiosurgery system developed by Elekta and constitutes the latest and most advanced solution for avoiding surgery in most head and neck disorders. Being fully automated, it has the ability to treat patients (e.g. patients with multiple brain metastases) in much shorter times compared to other technologies:

  • Its expanded treatment volume enables increased accessibility in the cranial region.
  • It is specially designed for the neck.
  • It offers a dynamic treatment planning system with the use of Leksell GammaPlan® PFX.
  • It provides radiation shielding that is up to 100 times better than alternative technologies.
  • It is 10 times more accurate and 100 times safer than other similar techniques.

This system creates significant opportunities for treating lesions located throughout the entire brain in one single session, while at the same time ensuring total comfort for the patient.

It treats lesions located deep in the brain and is designed to treat tumors located in the skull base, head and neck with a success rate of over 95% for most diagnoses.

Leksell Gamma Knife Perfexion offers major benefits compared to older or similar contemporary systems:


What does Gamma Knife treat?


  • Extremely accurate and highly effective
  • Specially designed system that extends treatment from the brain to the neck and the skull base
  • Fully automated one-push button operation, which saves time and drastically reduces the treatment duration
  • Less radiation delivered to the rest of the body
  • Effective treatment of metastases in a single session, without general anesthesia and with minimal complications
  • Immediate return of patients to their normal activities
  • Improved quality of life for patients

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