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Endocrinology and Diabetes Division

The Endocrinology & Diabetes Department addresses all ages and covers the entire range of endocrine disorders. The main goals of the HYGEIA Hospital Endocrinology & Diabetes Department include:

  • To diagnose and manage secondary endocrine disorders co-existing with systemic diseases.
  • To investigate hormonal disorders associated with the administration of medication pharmaceutical and biological factors, such as those administered to cancer patients.
  • To investigate the impact of environmental factors on the endocrine system, such as glycotoxins.

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Some of the conditions treated include: 

  • Thyroid gland disorders 
  • Metabolic bone disease 
  • Male and female reproductive disorders 
  • Disorders associated with adrenal gland, pituitary gland and hypothalamus function
  • Other types of diabetes mellitus
  • Metabolism and obesity issues


  • Special diagnostic tests
  • 24-hour continuous blood glucose monitoring
  • Holistic approach of obesity metabolic/ disorders

Treatment benefits

  • Comprehensive, systematic and well-rounded approach to endocrine disorders
  • Individualized treatment for each patient

Special diagnostic tests that document hormonal deficiency or hypersecretion:

  • LHRH test
  • ITT
  • Synacthen test (for F, 17(OH)PRG, DHEA-S measurement)
  • TRH Test
  • OGTT (for Glu, INS, C-peptide, GH, F measurement)
  • Metyrapone test
  • Dexamethasone suppression test (overnight, low dose, high dose+ CRH)
  • CRH test
  • DDAVP test
  • Corticosteroid infusion in Graves’ disease exophthalmos 
  • Glucagen test
  • 24-hour continuous glucose monitoring
  • Calcium stimulation 
  • Thyrogen test

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